Poor Mans Mocha

Hey ghouls! Today I'm doing our first recipe blog ever, and you are going to love it. I had my first Poor Man's Mocha at a little place in my old hometown called Freedom of Espresso, and man, was I hooked. If you ever find yourself in Syracuse, NY you should absolutely check them out. Of course we've since moved across the country and looking to satisfy my craving, I sought out a recipe. I found this one on Genius Kitchen and modified it slightly.

What's nice about a Poor Man's Mocha is even if you don't have an espresso machine, you can still make this tasty drink. It's kind of a cheaper version of a mocha with less ingredients and regular coffee, but don't let that fool you. What it lacks in price, it certainly doesn't lack in flavor. And you don't have to leave your house or put on pants, which is always bonus points to me. 

***Caution: Burial Grounds Coffee Company is not liable for any scalding resulting from not wearing pants while making this recipe. Please proceed with caution as you will be dealing with hot liquids.***


Now on to the important stuff, the delicious ingredients. Since it's the holidays, I'll be doing a slightly varied festive version and this will be a Peppermint Poor Man's Mocha featuring my two favorite Burton boys. You can choose any coffee or cocoa you like, but I highly recommend trying this combo out. Ingredients list is linked to where to find these goodies, and you don't want to miss out.




2 tablespoons of Sandy Claws Hot Chocolate by Grimoire Tea

2 tablespoons of milk or milk substitute

3 rounded tablespoons of our Ghost with the Mocha coffee, ground

8 oz water

Whipped cream (optional, but who doesn't want whipped cream?)

Sprinkles from Bakery Bling in Sugarplum Fairy  (I'd say these are optional, but I consider them a must. There's little Christmas Tree shaped glittered sugar! How perfect! And if it's not the holidays or you for some reason hate Christmas trees, they're guaranteed to have some sugary bling that fits your style.)

*Ingredients listed make one mocha 


Brew your coffee. I used this kick ass handmade pour over from Nicole Pangas Ceramics on Etsy. (still not an affiliate, but I'd say there's spark there, shhhh don't tell Amazon). You can use a regular coffee maker, pour over, or if you're really fancy make it an espresso. Any brewing method with work. 


While the coffee brews...

Scoop two tablespoons of Sandy Claws into a mug.

Add two tablespoons of milk and stir until smooth. If you have a wish or electric milk frother you can use that for extra creaminess. I just ordered this one on Amazon (no, we're not affiliates, we're just in a serious long term relationship) I'll do a review of it when I get it!

Once the hot chocolate is mixed and the coffee is brewed...

Pour in the coffee while continuing to stir. Add more milk if desired.

Top with whipped cream and sprinkles and stick a straw in it and enjoy! Or skip the straw and go beast mode and get whipped cream and sprinkles all over your face, you're still home with no pants on. No ones judging you here.


 In case you didn't know; Lock, Shock and Barrel are probably my faves from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My friend at Sally Daisy Ink made this one and it's the cutest. 

I know we and Grimoire Tea sell out frequently, so if these aren't available now, we may be doing a box set available in the near future. Keep an eye out on Instagram!

Did you try it? What did you think? 





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