Heeeeeeerre's Coffee

At Burial Grounds Coffee Company we enjoy horror, villains, the darker side of fandoms, and a great cup of coffee. We know that great tasting coffee doesn't necessarily have to be as dark as our favorite miscreants, but we do know that our coffees taste great black, like our beloved souls, or with added milk and sugar, if that's how you prefer it. We recommend trying our coffees black first, as our roasting process brings out a body in our coffee which can be sweet all on its own. Just because we like the darkness doesn't mean our coffees are bitter.


Hey Ghoul, Hey! I'm Angie, the coffee enthusiast, roaster, chef, and designer of our spooky selection. Burial Grounds was started because one day I lost my taste for off the shelf coffee. Coffee has been a part of my morning ritual for a long time and boom, one day it just didn't taste the same. So began my quest for a caffeinated drink with a taste that I could fall in love with all over again, all stalker-like. Like so many beginner roasters, I wasn't sure if I'd like what I made. I researched and researched, found a source for beans, got a little cheap-o pop corn popper, and I was off. I'd be lying if I told you my first batch was great. But over the past year, I went from burning coffee like the parents on Elm Street to slaying roasts like Buffy the Bean Slayer. I thoroughly enjoy learning about bean origins, how to roast them, and what flavors are complimentary. In fact, I'm now kind of obsessed.


Like any good enabler and co-inhabiting addict, my husband has fully supported my hobby and been my first taste tester. As avid coffee drinkers, we had no idea that coffee could have so much flavor from the bean selection and roasting process alone. We had always added milk and sugar to our coffee, but when we began roasting we found some coffees to be incredibly sweet all on their own, while maintaining a maximum amount of caffeine. Together, we've decided to share our magic beans with the world.


Before we had kids, we were known for going all out for our annual Halloween parties, known by our friends as “Hiller Thriller's”. We love horror and science fiction, and have been known to root for the underdogs and enjoy the complexity of villains. Through this, you will see coffee blends, flavored coffees and some sweet treats, all inspired by our favorite fandom freaks, fiends, and occasionally even our friends.


We hope you enjoy our ghoulish delights as much as we enjoy making and embibing them ourselves.